Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 27: The Power Transfer, Part 1

Previously on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, not a whole lot happened.  There was a triathlon, Beamcaster, and a bunch of townspeople being brainwashed into following Lord Zedd.  Everything turned out fine thanks to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.  There was also a mention of a World Peace Conference that may take away some of the best teens from Angel Grove.

Speaking of the Peace Conference, three of the Power Rangers will be headed away in this episode.  The Power Transfer will see Jason, Trini, and Zack leaving for the World Peace Conference.  The three new friends will replace them on the Power Rangers team.  I don’t know what to expect in terms of action.  All I know is that it’s going to be a huge two episodes because the team is going to drastically change.  Let’s get into it then.  Here comes…

Season 2, Episode 27: The Power Transfer, Part 1
The episode opened on the announcement of Jason, Trini, and Zack being chosen for the World Peace Conference.  The six Power Ranger teens were teleported to the Command Centre where Zordon said he needed to replace the three who were leaving.  He had replacements in mind but didn’t share who they were.

The Power Rangers went one final mission in order for the power transfer to happen.  They had to go to a distant planet to retrieve a sword that would help with the transfer.  When they got there, Lord Zedd unleashed Serpentera, a giant dragon Zord, bigger than any that the Power Rangers had ever seen.  Jason tried to fight it off with his Zord, but couldn’t.  He called in Tor, and still couldn’t stop Serpentera.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Rocky, Adam, and Aisha had transferred to Angel Grove High School.  They were getting used to the school when a sleeping gas was spread throughout the city.  Zordon enlisted them to fight off Lord Zedd’s putties while the Power Rangers were on their mission.  It ended in disaster, however, when the putties chained the teens to a tree.

At the end of the episode, Lord Zedd chose to destroy the distant planet.  The Power Rangers struggled to remove the sword from a statue while the world around them was crumbling.  The episode ended on a To Be Continued while Lord Zedd was laughing over the destruction.

This is the most that a two-part story on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has felt like one episode’s worth of story shoved into two episodes.  There was action throughout the episode.  There’s no doubt about that.  But there wasn’t a lot of movement in the story department.  Three of the Power Rangers are leaving, and Serpentera was introduced.  Normally, that would be enough to get me excited.  Nothing has really happened on those fronts yet, though.  We got half the story of defeating Serpentera for the first time.  The three Power Rangers are still there.  It was a lot of beginning with zero resolution.  At least in other multi-part stories, each episode has a distinct beginning, middle, and end.  This was missing the end.

There is exactly one crazy thing that I want to point out about this episode.  Remember when the Power Rangers were able to fly with their suits on instead of teleport?  That sort of happened again.  When they were travelling through space, the Power Rangers were flying.  The difference was that the bottom half of their bodies looked like the teleporting effects.  For some reason they were half teleporting and half flying.  It stood out.  That’s all.

Not much can be said about The Power Transfer, Part 1.  It’s not great.  Coming off of the strength of the previous episode, it’s an underwhelming disappointment.  Hopefully the second half can save the story.  We’ll see when I get to The Power Transfer, Part 2.  See you then.

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