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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 24: The Ninja Encounter, Part 3

Welcome to another recap of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Three of the Power Rangers are currently frozen like mannequins.  Adam, Aisha, and Rocky are about to be attacked by a snake.  Bulk and Skull are taking care of a child.  It’s crazy stuff.  This post will cover the episode that ties all of this stuff up.

This episode should bring change for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It should set up the new characters in their place in Angel Grove.  You know, since they go to a different school.  It should also see the three frozen Power Rangers be unfrozen.  That would sure help.  The Power Rangers can’t be a complete team with three of their members frozen.  They also need to defeat a monster and it’s hard to get the megazord together if three of the members can’t move.  Also, Bulk and Skull still have that kid.  Something should happen with that.  Let’s see what in…

Season 2, Episode 24: The Ninja Encounter, Part 3
The episode started with the three frozen Power Rangers being unfrozen from their mannequin-like state.  With their being freed, they went to fight the Terror Blossom.  While in that fight, the team split off into two groups.  Jason and Zack stayed with the Zords while the other four went to save Adam, Aisha, and Rocky.

The Zord battle wasn’t too exciting.  It was a standard battle, aided by the fact that all of the footage was from the same Sentai series.  The other fight, involving the other Power Rangers, mattered.  They were on the ground outside the cave that Aisha, Adam, Rocky, and Mr. Anderson were being held.  A bunch of putties came to fight and a giant putty battle began.

This smaller group of Power Rangers split up.  Billy and Trini ran into the cave while Tommy and Kimberly fought outside.  The Blue and Yellow Rangers freed their new friends, and Billy took it upon himself to get rid of the snake.  Trini teleported away with Mr. Anderson to get his son.  While the other teens went outside to fight, Billy wrestled with the snake, eventually beginning to suffocate in his suit.  Kimberly came in and took off Billy’s helmet to help him breathe.  That’s when Rocky, Aisha, and Adam came in and discovered the Power Rangers’ identities.

Zordon invited the new friends to the Command Centre to take an oath.  They swore their secrecy of who the Power Rangers really were.  They agreed to always act for the good of the public and to help out when they could.  It was a touching, if confusing moment for the characters.

One other thing happened.  Bulk and Skull continued to take care of Jake.  Jake had made a mess of his diaper.  Skull got replacements and made Bulk change the dirty one.  There was an extended montage of Bulk trying to change the diaper and ending up wasting every clean one.  By the end of the episode, they had figured out a replacement with a piece of Skull’s clothing, and they gave the child back to Mr. Anderson.

This was an obviously game-changing episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It not only completed the introduction of three people who will soon join the team, but it made them the first people to know who the Power Rangers were without being on the team.  Things are going to be changing by the time The Power Transfer comes along.  Jason, Trini, and Zack will be written out.  Rocky, Adam, and Aisha will become closer with the team.  Alpha will keep being Alpha.  This is the beginning of the new era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Ninja Encounter, Part 3 wasn’t without its strange moments.  Most notably was the time that Billy spent writhing on the ground with a snake.  He could have taken the snake and thrown it away.  That’s what happened when he was saved.  It was thrown off screen to never be thought about again.  Yet he spent a good chunk of time with it in his grasp, rolling around in a panic.  Also, why was he suffocating?  Shouldn’t the powers that he gets through morphing prevent that?  It feels like a safety issue if the suit can cause your death.

These were important episodes to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, moving the story forward in a big way.  There is bigger stuff to come, but this is laying the groundwork for what should be a great next few episodes.  It will all come together in The Power Transfer.  Are you ready?  There are two episodes first, which might end up being standalone.  I hope you’ll join me soon for the first of the two.  I’ll see you when I get that up.

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