Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Episode 58: Football Season

Here we are.  Another week with another Mighty Morphin Power Rangers post.  What did we do to deserve this?  I don’t know.  I am making sure that I get at least one of these out each week because I’ve let you guys down enough.  That and the fact that I want to write more, no matter what I’m writing.  Covering more episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will help with that.

First, I want to reiterate how close we are to the end of the first season.  This is the third to last episode, which means that big things could happen.  With the way the season has gone, I doubt that this episode.  Who knows, though?  The show could choose to just up and surprise me.  There could be some huge show changing event.  And I will go crazy if there is.

I don’t have much more to say, so I’m going to get right to the episode.  I’m excited to see what goes on and I’m looking forward to some entertaining fights.

Season 1, Episode 58: Football Season
Football tryouts were coming up.  Jason and Tommy were both trying out for the team, but Tommy was worried he wouldn’t make it.  Bulk and Skull also wanted to end up on the football team.  They practiced tackles in the hall and ended up tackling the school principal, earning the two of them a week of detention.

At the Youth Centre, Ernie heard about Tommy’s woes and offered to help.  Ernie was once a football player.  Meanwhile, Bulk was training by doing ballet.  Tommy decided to stay and train with Ernie while the rest of the Power Rangers went to play flag football in the park.

During his football training, Tommy kept using karate moves.  During the flag football game, the gang kept stealing the ball from each other.  During detention, Bulk kept practicing ballet.  This went on and on.  Eventually the game in the park was interrupted by putties.

Rita sent down a Rhino Blaster monster to play football against the Power Rangers.  If the monsters won, evil would be unleashed on Angel Grove.  There were bigger, football player sized putties that beat the Power Rangers.  Rhino Blaster told the Power Rangers to hit the showers then sent them to an multidimensional rock with a tornado.

Zordon called upon Tommy.  He warned Tommy about his fading power, but said that he was the Power Rangers’ only hope.  Tommy went into battle.  Tommy was winning big time so Rita threw her staff.  Tommy called upon the Dragonzord to battle the giant Rhino Blaster.

The only way to free the other Power Rangers was for Tommy to use his dagger.  If he failed, he would lose both the dagger and the Power Rangers forever.  He had to throw the dagger into the multidimensional mist.  Because he threw the dagger through dimensions to Jason, Tommy had to jump inside the Dragonzord to control it.

The Power Rangers came out of the multidimensional vortex already in the Megazord.  They combined the Megazord with the Dragonzord and use the combination to take down the Rhino Blaster.

At the end of the episode, the Angel Grove High principal announced who made the football team.  Jason, Billy, Zack, Bob, Matthew, Ryan, Michael, Thomas, and Paul.  On the floor was the sheet that the principal dropped, announcing that Bulk made the team.  And last but not least, Tommy, the new quarterback.  Tommy thanked Ernie, everyone congratulated Tommy, and the episode ended.

There were many confusing things about this episode.  When did the Dragonzord get a driver’s seat?  Why did the Zords come out of the multiverse?  Why were they “announcing” the people who made the team after everyone already got their jerseys?  It was a strange episode.

Not much happened to further the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers storyline.  They mentioned that Tommy’s powers would weaken if he fought Rita’s monster, but so far there are no consequences.  With two episodes left in the season, that’s bound to come up.  I’m hoping it leads to some big, climactic moment that alters the show.

We’ll find out soon.  If I keep up this schedule, I’ll know within the next two weeks.  Maybe even sooner.  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a show that has been very episodic.  Hopefully some serialized aspects find their way into the storyline.  It’ll give the show a fresh jolt that it’ll need in the second season to keep me fully invested.  Either way, I’m in it for these posts.  See you next time for another one.

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