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Representative Movies: The First 50 Posts

On my Sunday “Bad” Movies Twitter account a few months ago, I listed the ten movies out of the first fifty posts that I considered the most representative of the Sunday “Bad” Movies as a whole.  I don’t know why I never made a post to make note of this list.  I decided that I should so I am about to go through the ten movies out of the first fifty posts that I think completely embody the feel of the blog series.  Note that these are single movies from the fifty posts.  I don’t consider an entire series of movies to be one slot in this list of ten.  Each movie in the series would be one slot.

This was the first movie I covered in the Sunday “Bad” Movies, and it seems like it was the best movie to begin the blog series.  It spawned the initial post about whether or not movies could be so bad that they are good.  It had David Hasselhoff, the patron saint of cheese.  It’s a rip-off of Star Wars with a scantily clad woman.  It has the great Christopher Plummer in a role that doesn’t deserve his talent.  Everything about the movie makes it the perfect choice for the Sunday “Bad” Movies, and makes it a worthy representation of what this blog series is.

These choices don’t represent my favourite movies in the Sunday “Bad” Movies and Superbabies is actually one of my least favourite movies I’ve watched for the series.  In fact, this choice represents the pinnacle of poor filmmaking.  The acting throughout the movie is unbearable, even from decent actors such as Scott Baio, Vanessa Angel, and Jon Voight.  The story is convoluted and boring.  The action is insane to look at.  It isn’t a good sequel (which is entirely different from being a good film).  The small amount of depth that was present in Baby Geniuses is removed in the sequel, taking away any of the resonance that the film could have.  Instead it’s a hollow shell of a movie that will only leave nightmares in the mind of the viewer.  This movie is representative of all of the bad movies in the Sunday “Bad” Movies, and thus earns a spot in this list of ten movies.

Well, this one had to be included in the list of ten movies.  Why?  It shows how fun a movie can be when it might not have the best writing, the biggest budget, or an experienced director.  Miami Connection still kicks ass in a way you wouldn’t expect it to.  The low budget shows.  The dialogue is okay, at best.  It’s a first time director.  Still, there are the catchy songs in it that make it worth it.  Then there are the action scenes which are astonishing and enjoyable.  This movie isn’t about objective quality, but rather the feeling that you are left with after watching it.  That feeling is as much a part of the Sunday “Bad” Movie aura as the objective quality.

The potential of a movie is something I’ve written about various times throughout the Sunday “Bad” Movie posts.  I’ve written about how a movie could have an intriguing concept that could be great if it is executed properly.  I’ve written about movies where I thing the story is good but everything surrounding it is not so good.  Santa Claus Conquers the Martians is one of these movies.  The story is a solid story that, with a couple of tweaks, could be a great story.  The real problem with the movie, and what makes it a bad movie, is everything else.  The performances are weird.  The effects look bad because of when it was made.  The sets are funny looking.  But the story has the potential to be something great.  Potential.  That’s why this movie made the list.

Quite often, I choose movies based on the names.  This was one of them, and it was surprisingly a really good movie.  I included Hansel and Gretel Get Baked because the Sunday “Bad” Movies can really go against my expectations and give me a movie that is a whole lot better than I thought I was going to get.  It’s mostly the name on this one, but there was a subversion of my expectations nonetheless.  I have nothing else to add about this movie.  I would only be talking in circles if I kept writing about this one.

This is a movie with a message.  A lot of bad movies spawn out of the writers and directors having a message to give to other people.  There are movies like Birdemic that are about the dangers of global warming.  Tiptoes is about the hardships of having dwarfism.  I included it in this list of ten movies that represent the Sunday “Bad” Movies because the idea of crafting a movie around a specific theme can easily lead to a poorly made movie.  Tiptoes personifies that idea by being a poorly crafted movie built around a theme.

There are a few reasons that I included The Oogieloves on my list of ten movies from the first fifty posts that truly represent the Sunday “Bad” Movies.  One: It’s one of the worst box office earning movies ever.  Two: There are respectable actors doing really stupid things.  Three: It fits both the children’s movie genre and the musical genre.  Four: The movie is batshit insane.  And finally, it has been covered twice for Sunday “Bad” Movies.  Sure, one was post 53, but still, it’s a first fifty posts movie that was covered a second time.  That’s how much it is a Sunday “Bad” Movie.

There’s not much to say about why this one is in here.  It has good effects work, and it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch.  It’s the feeling of this movie that gets it onto this list above many of the other movies that I could have included.  I couldn’t bring myself to take this one off the list because of the feel of it.

If you were looking for something completely unique in this list, Attack of the Super Monsters is that.  It’s a compilation of four episodes of the Japanese show Dinosaur War Izenborg.  It is a combination of animation, miniatures, and Godzilla style monster fights.  I’ve never seen a movie quite like it before in my twenty-three years of watching movies.  It’s definitely something special, and shows how out there that the movies in the Sunday “Bad” Movies can get.

This movie is practically the hub or cornerstone of the first fifty films in the Sunday “Bad” Movies.  There was a point where I was only writing reviews for the blog posts, and that felt wrong.  Rise of the Zombies was where I decided I would write different kind of posts.  There could be reviews, thematic posts, posts about my history with the movies, or posts about bad movies in general.  There were three actors in Rise of the Zombies who had appeared in previous movies in the Sunday “Bad” Movies.  It was a movie from The Asylum, a studio that has been featured a few times throughout the many posts I’ve written.  There’s so much about this movie that helped to make the Sunday “Bad” Movies what it is.

Those are the ten movies from the first fifty posts that I think truly represent the Sunday “Bad” Movies.  They each have different things that have helped to make them a part of the list.  If you wanted to get a true feeling of what the Sunday “Bad” Movies are without watching all of the movies I’ve watched, those ten should give you a relatively good idea.  I will do this again come the 100th post with ten movies from the 51st to 100th posts that I think symbolize what the Sunday “Bad” Movies are.  Until then, you will have a lot more movies being added to the Sunday “Bad” Movies back catalogue.  Watch them if you want.  Or don’t.  I’ll be watching them anyway.

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