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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 51: Wild West Rangers, Part II

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers left off on a cliffhanger where Kimberly was stuck in 1880 Angel Grove without her friends and with a bunch of Lord Zedd’s putties.  Goldar and a cactus monster were there as well.  The rest of her friends were in the present day trying to figure out how to save her and Angel Grove.  It’s a gripping spot to leave off, as the Power Rangers are about to get western on our asses.

This episode, the conclusion to the two part story, will see things get interesting in the past.  The ancestors of the current Power Rangers will reveal themselves to be heroes and Kimberly will team up with them to take down Lord Zedd’s forces.  How will Kimberly get back to the present day, though?  I don’t know.  I’m going to find out soon.  I’m about to watch the episode.

Season 2, Episode 51: Wild West Rangers, Part II
Back in 1880 Angel Grove, Kimberly sent her new friends away so that they wouldn’t be hurt by Goldar and his team of monster and putties.  She wouldn’t be able to defeat the team by herself.  The Command Centre was still a thing in 1880 so she found her way there and got the Power Coins from Zordon.  Kimberly distributed the Power Coins to the ancestors of her friends and now had a Power Rangers team to fight alongside.  They ended up hitting the bad guys so hard that the bad guys flew back to the time they came from.

In the present day, Billy was leading the charge to find his lost friend.  He couldn’t clearly see Kimberly without the use of chronitons.  Using these particles allowed him to easily zero in on Kimberly’s location in time and space, which made things easier for when she was brought back to the present.

Lord Zedd grew his monster before the teens could save Kimberly and it attacked Angel Grove.  In the quickest Zord battle that ever happened, the Power Rangers made the MegaTigerZord and one shot killed the giant cactus monster.

Back in the Command Centre, Billy rigged up a machine with some of the communicators.  The machine gave them one chance to bring Kimberly back to the present.  It worked.  They had their friend back.  She had saved Angel Grove in 1880.  It was as happy an ending as there could be.

There have been some interesting time travel stories in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers since the concept was introduced to the series.  The Power Rangers have been turned into children, which put them at a disadvantage against Lord Zedd’s minions.  Then there was the time that they were sent back to the colonial era and couldn’t use their powers to fight off giant rats.  That was another interesting storyline.  This one saw Kimberly go back in time to a world of cowboys and bandits.  When will they go to next?  I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon.

A couple of things stood out about the 1880 setting of Wild West Rangers.  For some reason, Kimberly’s Power Coin worked in 1880 but it didn’t work in the colonial era.  That might be attributed to the Command Centre, which she was able to find in 1880.  Nobody attempted to find it when they were back in colonial times, so there’s no proof that it was there.  It was there in 1880, though, and Kimberly was able to get her friends’ ancestors some Power Coins of their own.  What these Power Coins did was another of the strange things.  During season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which I’ll be getting into soon), the Power Rangers get new costumes.  Then every season after that, they get new costumes.  This fits with the Sentai shows where every season is a different story with different characters in different costumes.  The costumes of the 1880 Power Rangers team were very much the same as those of the 1995 Mighty Morphin team that Kimberly was a part of.  There were only three noticeable differences.  There were fringes on the arms, the boots were cowboy boots, and the power blasters were revolvers.  Other than that, they were the same costumes.  They were the same design.  That’s a long time to be using the same costumes.

The only other major notable story thing was that the 1880 Angel Grove teens brought together the ancestors of everyone from current Angel Grove.  I believe I mentioned in the previous episode’s post that William (Billy), Alicia (Aisha), Rocko (Rocky), Abraham (Adam), and the White Stranger (Tommy) were there.  At the end of the episode, after Kimberly had returned to the present, her unnamed ancestor arrived in town.  There were no counterparts for Jason, Zack, or Trini in the past.  There were the ancestors of the three Stone Canyon teens that joined the Mighty Morphin team in season 2, but no ancestors of the original teens who left for the World Peace Conference.  That’s a little bit strange.

With that episode ending, we are left with the final episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 2.  That’s right.  The next episode will be the season 2 finale.  It looks like it will be a big one with one of the Power Rangers turning on the team.  There should be some fun with that as we bring a solid season of growth to a close and move onto another era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  I’ll see you soon for the ending.

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