Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 50: Wild West Rangers, Part I

When we last left off with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, three of the teens had experienced an interesting trap.  Rita Repulsa sent them into a storybook called Grumble the Magic Elf and they needed to finish the story to escape.  It was up to the other three teens ensure the story got completed.  Bulk and Skull attempted to create a monster that would lure the Power Rangers into an unmasking, but it backfired when the monster chased the duo up a tree.  It was a fun little tale.

Now we’re into another story for the Power Rangers as we head into cowboy times.  There should be some fun in this one.  More time travel will be involved, which has, so far, led to interesting places.  Maybe there will be more people from a different time that look familiar.  We’re into the final three episodes of season 2, so the show will hopefully leave us with some good stuff.  Let’s see.

Season 2, Episode 50: Wild West Rangers, Part I
A time hole opened up at the Angel Grove Youth Centre.  When the Power Rangers were teleporting to the Command Centre, Kimberly fell into the time hole and ended up in 1880 Angel Grove.  That’s right.  She was sent to the Wild West.  While there, she ran into some familiar faces.  The ancestors of all of her high school friends were in the past.  Rocko, Abraham, Alicia, William, One-Eyed Bulk, and Doc Skullovitch each encountered her.  There was also a man named The White Stranger, who looked a lot like Tommy.

In the present, the rest of the gang tried to figure out when Kimberly was.  They had a tough time finding her and it took about half of the episode to locate her in the Wild West.

When they found out, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa also found out.  They sent Goldar, a cactus monster, and a bunch of putties to go through the time hole and attack 1880 Angel Grove.  With Kimberly being the only Power Ranger in that time, it would be easier to win.  They would destroy old Angel Grove.  That would leave present Angel Grove easier to attack.  The Power Rangers tried not to let that happen.

The only fight of the episode was between the Power Rangers and Goldar’s team.  There were a lot of putties in the fight which made it interesting simply because of how outnumbered the Power Rangers were.  The fighting was kicks and punches without much pizazz.  The putties worked by video game standards most of the time with only one attacking at a time while the rest stood around watching.  The most important thing to take out of the fight was that the Power Rangers lost and Goldar was able to take his crew into the past to attack old Angel Grove.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers knew how to craft a cliffhanger back in the day.  The first part of Wild West Rangers ended with Goldar and his putties attacking 1880 Angel Grove.  Kimberly was the only Power Ranger that was sent back to that time and was the only known defense against Lord Zedd’s monsters.  The rest of the Power Rangers couldn’t get back to 1880 because the time hole had closed up.  It was a crazy spot to leave off for the next episode.

Time travel came up again with this episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and like the last two times it popped up, it was presented in a different way.  The first was Rangers Back in Time, when Lord Zedd made the Earth spin backwards.  That turned time back until the Power Rangers were children.  To turn time back to normal, they had to break the spell that Lord Zedd had cast by breaking the stone he had used.  Return of the Green Ranger saw the Power Rangers sent back to colonial times by The Wizard of Deception.  Tommy had to get the wand from The Wizard of Deception so that he could get his friends back to the present.  Now there are time holes that can send characters back in time.  How will that be fixed so that Kimberly can come back to the present?  That will be figured out in the next episode.

The next episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will conclude the Wild West Rangers story.  It should be a root ‘em, toot ‘em, shoot ‘em up fun time as the putties realize what cowboys are capable of.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well Power Rangers blend into a western setting.  Perhaps not much, but I’m excited.  Come back soon to see how well they suit the setting.

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