Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 45: The Return of the Green Ranger, Part II

Previously on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Tommy had been cloned by the Wizard of Deception.  Tom Oliver arrived in Angel Grove, with the Green Ranger powers.  Tommy was left to fight his clone while the rest of the Power Rangers were sent back in time to colonial Angel Grove.  The stakes are high as we head into the second chapter of this three part tale.

The second part should bring a lot of good stuff.  The battle between good Tommy and bad Tom should escalate in an entertaining way.  The dangers of colonial Angel Grove should prove threatening for the remaining Power Rangers.  There will be action and fun as the Power Rangers try to get back to the present and help Tommy fight off his evil clone.  But is that all?  We’ll soon find out.

Season 2, Episode 45: The Return of the Green Ranger, Part II
Billy, Rocky, Kimberly, Aisha, and Adam were still stuck in the past.  They explained where they came from to a girl who had saved them from the redcoats.  Adam quickly fell in love with the girl.  The redcoats would soon find them and continue chasing them, led by someone who looked a lot like Skull.  The friends escaped into the back of a wagon being driven by someone who looked a lot like Bulk.  Their high school friends had colonial Angel Grove counterparts.  But escaping the redcoats wouldn’t keep the Power Rangers out of harm.  The Wizard of Deception showed up to throw more dangers at them in the form of giant rats.  The Power Rangers couldn’t fight off the rats without their powers and instead fled.

In the present day, Tommy and Tom faced off against each other while The Wizard of Deception watched.  They morphed up and began fighting one on one, knowing each other’s moves and defences.  It was a well fought fight that Tom won, only because Tommy seemed weaker than normal.

Seeing this, Lord Zedd and Rita began dancing in their moon palace.  They thought that they were going to win this time.  Tommy had been defeated, and his friends were all trapped in colonial times.  It seemed like a foregone conclusion that the forces of evil would prevail for once.

Tom Oliver, the evil Green Ranger, went to the Command Centre to threaten Zordon and Alpha 5 before calling upon the Dragonzord.  There was an extended sequence of the Dragonzord coming out of the water before the episode ended.

There wasn’t a whole lot of story in the second part of The Return of the Green Ranger.  It was an episode setting up the conflicts for the final part.  The evil Tommy got his Zord ready for destruction, which will lead into a battle between the Dragonzord and the White Tigerzord.  The other Power Rangers met their foes of the past in the rat monsters and the redcoats.  Though there was a fight between Tommy and his clone, the episode was mostly left to set up a big finale.

One thing that came into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers within the past few episodes was the use of powers in regular fighting.  Powers have always been a part of the show with the morphing, the power blasters, the weapons, and the Zords, but the punches and kicks have recently had some power infused into them.  It began with Rocky’s punching the ground during the second part of The Wedding.  This episode brought powers back as Tommy and his evil counterpart fought one another.  Lightning and other effects moved around their arms and legs as they kicked and punched.  This little addition hasn’t yet done much to elevate the show.  It’s still interesting to note that the show continued to grow and change, ever so slightly, in the final stretch of season 2.  It gives hope to the impact of what will happen in future episodes.

That brings to a close this post about The Return of the Green Ranger, Part II.  It was a solid episode that pushed the characters to where they needed to be for the finale.  We’ll find out more about that finale soon, when I return with a post about The Return of the Green Ranger, Part III.  It should be a fun finale to a solid storyline about a teenager dealing with the darker side of himself.

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