Friday, April 11, 2014

Work Stories: Episode 69: Wow, Perfect Number Much

Previously in the Work Stories, I wrote about a child with a wad of money.  But that money wasn’t any normal money that you would find laying around.  It was Canadian Tire money.  A big, old wad of Canadian Tire money.  And she showed it to me for no reason at all.  Yeah, that was an exciting story wasn’t it?  This week’s story is definitely going to be more exciting.  Get ready for that.

There was one time when I wrote about a coworker who caught some people having sex in the bathroom.  Which post was it… Let me check.  The 29th Work Story was the one that covered that one.  Well, this week I have my own story about catching people having sex in the bathroom.  I now have a personal experience with that kind of thing happening and it’s one that I am going to share with you.  Are you ready for it?

I was at work getting ready to have my break and eat something.  I went to the washroom before I ate.  Not only did I want to wash my hands, but I wanted to eat with an empty bladder.  It would make me feel a whole lot more comfortable.  So I go to the washroom, relieve myself and wash my hands.  I walked out of the washroom and opened the door to the hallway leading to the staff room only to find two people jump up from making out.  They acted like they weren’t doing anything.  The guy went back into the museum and the woman went into the washrooms.  I knew something was up.

When I walked through the door into the staff room, I noticed something.  The door didn’t close.  I turned around and looked, only to find a shoe propping it open.  I walked back to the door and opened it.  The guy was standing at the door looking at me.  He said “Oh, wrong room.”  Then he opened the door to the bathrooms and went in.  Something fishy was definitely going on.

I inflated a few balloons and went to the front of the museum to put them out for people to take while my food was warming up in the microwave.  When I got back, I went into the washrooms one more time to wash my hands.  I heard the sound of zippers and buckles so I cautiously stood against the wall beside the one-person men’s bathroom.  I put my hand out against the door and pushed.  It opened a few inches before I felt a push back and heard the door lock.  So these people hadn’t even locked the door when they decided to get freaky in a public washroom.

When the door locked, I walked to the other side of the hallway and leaned against the wall.  After a few second, I heard “I think he’s out there waiting.”  Then I decided to walk in and out of the bathroom hallway a few times before going to the front to tell my supervisor what was going on.  When she asked who was in the bathroom, they walked out of the museum looking embarrassed and ashamed.  My job was done.

Then, jerk that I am, I got my supervisor to go into the bathroom and make sure it was clean.  I had awkwarded the deviants out of there before they could do anything crazy, but I still don’t want to be the person to clean up the potential mess.  She came back from the washroom and told me that they had cleaned it up themselves.  I went to the staff room and ate.

Oh, did I mention that all of this happened around 7pm on a Sunday?  Yeah.  It wasn’t even a late night thing.  There were children in the museum.  These people were having sex in our public washroom while children were visiting the museum at 7pm on a Sunday.  The things that some people will do, eh?

That’s it for the Work Story this week.  It was a story about me finding people having sex in the bathroom.  Hopefully it’s the last time that it happens.  Who knows?  Anyway, next week I will have another story for you to read and it may or may not be better or worse than this one.  I never know until I am actually writing the Work Stories.  See you next week.

Until then, this doesn't look like the welcome wagon.

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