Work Stories

Episode 1: Late Night Sight
Episode 2: I Want My MTV
Episode 3: Say Hello To My Little Friend
Episode 4: Here Comes the Boom
Episode 5: It's All About the Money
Episode 6: Ooooo That Smell
Episode 7: The Story of the Multicoloured Car
Episode 8: I Spy With My Little Eye
Episode 9: Invisible Lines
Episode 10: Shine the Light on Me
Episode 11: Parking Lot Woes
Episode 12: Runaway Train
Episode 13: I'm Batman
Episode 14: Suck it Up
Episode 15: A Rose By Any Other Name
Episode 16: Don't Give Up On Us
Episode 17: The Cup Story 
Episode 18: A Tale of Two Ladies
Episode 19: Drip Drip Drip
Episode 20: Loading...
Episode 21: A Killer Story
Episode 22: Crash Boom 
Episode 23: Bacon and Eggs
Episode 24: Fire in the Sky
Episode 25: The Regulars
Episode 26: Everybody Dance Now
Episode 27: A Boy and His Bicycle
Episode 28: The Long Walk
Episode 29: The Aftermath
Episode 30: Rodents
Episode 31: Come Together
Episode 32: You Light Up My Life
Episode 33: Little Black SUVs
Episode 34: A Crappy Day
Episode 35: Snakes and Ladders 
Episode 36: Gimme Shelter
Episode 37: Sad Story
Episode 38: Number One
Episode 39: Donkey in the Lobby
Episode 40: Moondance
Episode 41: Yarrrrrrrrrrrr
Episode 42: CODern Warfare
Episode 43: Trapped in the Parking Lot
Episode 44: Cleaning Out a Closet
Episode 45: Fettuccine, Linguini, Martini, Bikini
Episode 46: The Light Bulb Incident
Episode 47: The Leaning Pole of Not Piza
Episode 48: A Little Bit of Toilet Trouble
Episode 49: Dinner and Dance
Episode 50: Don't Cross the Beams
Episode 51: The Bag
Episode 52: Should I Stay or Should I Go
Episode 53: Ask Me a Question
Episode 54: Big Balls
Episode 55: It's a Dud
Episode 56: Brownies
Episode 57: Have a Drink on Me
Episode 58: En-Light-Ening
Episode 59: Raise the Roof
Episode 60: Might As Well Jump
Episode 61: Road Trip
Episode 62: I'm Walkin'
Episode 63: I'm Talking to You
Episode 64: I Saw the Sign
Episode 65: Cowabunga
Episode 66: Wash That Mouth
Episode 67: Turned Up to 11
Episode 68: Kids Do the Darndest Things
Episode 69: Wow, Perfect Number Much
Episode 70: Bad Moon Rising
Episode 71: Say Cheese
Episode 72: Scanners
Episode 73: Hello There
Episode 74: Picture Perfect
Episode 75: Joke, Ring, and Paper

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