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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 3, Episode 6: Ninja Quest, Part III

Welcome back to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  When we last left off, the Power Rangers had gone through a rock wall into the unknown.  Bulk and Skull had gone to the Junior Police Patrol.  The Tenga Warriors were out searching for the Power Rangers and the entrance to Ninjor’s hideout.  And on the moon, the bad guys were plotting their takeover of Earth now that the Power Rangers were powerless.  It was some big stuff.

More big stuff is sure to come with this episode.  The Power Rangers are sure to meet up with Ninjor, while the bad guys on the moon are sure to attack Earth again.  How that stuff will happen, I don’t know.  The only way to find out is to keep watching, and it all starts with…
Season 3, Episode 6: Ninja Quest, Part III
The Power Rangers began the episode in Ninjor’s temple.  They found Ninjor, who wouldn’t give them the Ninja Powers because he didn’t trust teenagers.  They decided they would try to stop Lord Zedd with the power of their hearts.  Ninjor overheard this and decided that they were telling the truth and agreed to give them the Ninja Powers.

Each of the Power Rangers got a new Ninja Power.  Tommy got the power of the falcon.  Rocky became the ape.  Kimberly was the crane.  Adam was the frog.  Aisha now had the power of the bear.  And Billy received the wolf power.  Not all of these animals had to do with ninjas.  None of them really had anything to do with ninjas.  Their costumes fit better with the ninjas, though.  The power rangers soon used their new powers to defend the temple from the Tenga Warriors before calling on their Zords and heading off to fight Rito Revolto.

Speaking of Rito Revolto, the whole of the bad guys’ storyline in this episode was Rito leaving the moon castle to go to Earth.  That was actually it.  If you include the Tenga Warriors, then there was them trying to get into the temple and the egg hatching in the final moments of the episode.  That’s it.

Bulk and Skull had a bigger storyline.  Their entrance into the Junior Police Patrol began as Lieutenant Stone took them on a tour.  Their hair was shaved off.  They did a bunch of exercises.  It was basically a military boot camp that they were now a part of.  No longer were they looking for the Power Rangers.  They were going to be doing their service to the community.

As for the fighting, there was only one fight in the episode.  The Power Rangers used their new Ninja Powers to go up against the Tenga Warriors.  The fight involved a bunch of one liners and some super powers.  Yes, the Power Rangers are more super powered than ever before.  They’re doing more than just kicking, punching, and flying around now.  Kimberly could move quickly so that the Tenga Warriors couldn’t catch her.  Tommy teleported, leaving behind a spare Power Ranger suit.  Then there were the comedic moments like Rocky holding onto a Tenga Warrior as it flew around.  The Power Rangers kicked butt in what was a fun fight to start off the new powers.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers kicked off the Ninja Powers in a big way by having one of the best fights of the series right off the bat.  I’m looking forward to how the show changes now that the Ninja Powers have been introduced.  This episode did pretty well in showing what the new powers bring to the table.  They bring super powers, cool new costumes, and some good fighting.  That’s great.  How do they build that to a higher standard?  Only time will tell.

Speaking of the costumes, there was some weird stuff regarding them at the end of the episode.  When the Power Rangers called upon their Zords, they did their normal morphing thing.  Except, it wasn’t normal.  The first change was that they called out their Power Rangers colours instead of their Zords.  Tommy didn’t call out the falcon.  He shouted “White Ranger!”  That, in itself, seemed odd.  What followed the Power Rangers calling out was that they were back in their season 1 and 2 costumes.  For some strange reason, they needed to go back to their old costumes to use their Zords.  There was no reason for them to not be in their Ninja costumes.  Nothing in the story necessitated that they go back to their old suits.  They just did and that was that.

Ninjor was introduced this episode, by the way.  He was brought in as the creator of the powers that the Power Rangers used.  The Dino Powers were from him.  The Thunder Powers were from him.  Now they were getting their Ninja Powers from the man himself.  Or the alien.  Whatever Ninjor was, he gave them their new powers.  Ninjor was a blue humanoid thing that spoke in a really weird voice.  I say blue humanoid thing because I’m not exactly sure what he was.  He could have been an android, but he seemed more human than anything robotic.  Yet, he wasn’t human.  He wore a protective suit, much like a smaller Zord.  That’s about all I know.  We’ll learn more about him as the season goes on.

That does it for this episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  They got their new powers and used them against the Tenga Warriors.  In the next episode, they will have to use their Zords to take down Rito Revolto and save Angel Grove from an attack.  How will that turn out?  Probably good, but we’ll have to check out Ninja Quest, Part IV to find out.  See you soon.

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