Friday, October 27, 2017

Lord Zedd's Monster Heads

During the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there was a video release of a Halloween special.  It was called Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads and involved Lord Zedd hosting a Halloween party at his moon base.  A bunch of monsters were there.  That’s as much of a description as is really necessary, I think.

This post will be about that special.  As a little breather from the main Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, I’m covering the movie and the season 2 specials before diving into season 3 and all that it entails.  This is the second of the three between season posts that will be coming out, the first having been about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.  This isn’t about the movie though.  This post is about…
Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads
Halloween came to Angel Grove once again.  The Power Rangers celebrated like they always did.  They went to the Angel Grove Youth Centre for a Halloween party where everyone could hang out, dance, and drink juice from Ernie’s juice bar.

This gave Lord Zedd an idea.  Goldar asked what the idea was, and it surprisingly didn’t involve attacking Earth while the Power Rangers were busy partying.  Lord Zedd wanted to hold his own Halloween party in the Moon Castle.  He would invite various monsters to come celebrate with him.

Throughout most of the episode, the audience was treated to the introduction of the many monsters that Lord Zedd wanted to attend the party.  There were even some monsters that didn’t show up.  He talked about what the monsters were and how they fought the Power Rangers.

The Halloween special ended with a party happening at the moon base.  There were monsters, putties, and even Rita Repulsa.  They danced, played music, and ate food.  It was a festival of horrors as the monsters celebrated the spookiest season of the year.
There wasn’t a whole lot to Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads.  It was a clip show special, with every piece of footage being reused from previous episodes.  The interstitial Lord Zedd footage came from various episodes.  It was just reused footage of Lord Zedd at his throne commanding Goldar.  Whenever a monster was mentioned, footage from the episodes with that monster appeared.  It was like a highlights episode for the monsters of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, though not one of the actual episodes of the show.  Even the party footage was reused.  It consisted of pieces from The Wedding, particularly the reception held after Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were married.  Everything about Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads was recycled.

Like any regular episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, however, there were a few inconsistencies.  Lord Zedd had only been in control of the moon base during the second season.  A few of the monsters that he mentioned throughout the special were monsters from the first season.  Sure, some of those monsters had been resurrected during Lord Zedd’s tenure as the primary antagonist of the show.  Monsters like the Pumpkin Rapper had returned while Lord Zedd was leading the bad guys.  But there were some monsters mentioned, which he commented on liking, that weren’t his monsters.  He never interacted with them.  Knasty Knight, Eye Guy, and Terror Toad had no association with Lord Zedd.  He wanted them resurrected and brought to his party anyway.

There’s not much more to say about Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads.  It goes over a lot of ground that has already been covered.  That’s the nature of a clip show.  If nothing new is going to be shown, it’s not bringing anything new to the table.  It was enjoyable enough as a trip down memory lane.  This won’t be a special that I’m looking forward to going back and watching anytime soon.  Any episode of the television show is better than this.  Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads was a way to get quick money off of the fanbase.

That brings the post to an end.  Let’s put this special behind us and move onto the third and final special before I head into the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  The final special is a road show that was based on the television series.  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live will be coming to a blog near you sometime in the future.  Then I’ll go back to the main series.  I’ll see you soon with another post.

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