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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 42: The Wedding, Part II

In The Wedding, Part I, the Power Rangers were left in a tough situation without powers as monsters closed in on them.  Alpha had gone bad and caught them in a trap.  Rita Repulsa returned and set up a plan to marry Lord Zedd and get her castle back.  Things were going downhill, and fast.  And it was all happening during an innocent trip to Australia.

Now we’re going to meet up with the gang again.  Hopefully, they’ll figure out how to escape the claws of the monsters they’ve fought before, even if that involves not having powers.  Someone has to figure out a way to fix Alpha and turn him back into the ally they need.  And there’s still a wedding that needs to happen or else the name of the three-parter will make no sense.  Let’s get into things then.

Season 2, Episode 42: The Wedding, Part II
The Power Rangers went in a circle during this episode, ending up where they started.  After fighting a losing battle against the monsters, they escaped the theater by going through a basement exit.  They tried to figure out what was happening with Alpha to have him send them there.  This investigation ended quickly, as a couple of the monsters grew to their larger forms.  The Power Rangers went up against them.  Alpha stacked the deck against the Power Rangers by shutting the power to the Zords off, and teleporting the Power Rangers back to the theater.

Bulk and Skull didn’t have too much to do.  They found the stuff that the Power Rangers had bought during their trip and attempted to steal it, but were teleported into The Outback instead.  They ran away from kangaroos, emus, and other animals.

Lord Zedd woke from his regeneration sleep and saw Rita Repulsa.  He was immediately smitten and agreed to marry her.  Her plan was working.  He brought all of the monsters to the moon castle for the ceremony.  The only one with any suspicions about the plan was Goldar, who didn’t trust Rita at all.  He was going to dig up her dirt.

The fighting in the episode was solid.  It’s always fun to see the Power Rangers fighting against groups of monsters instead of the usual team of putties.  Even better was the fact that the Power Rangers weren’t winning the fight.  It wasn’t an easy victory like it so often is.  They were struggling.  That small little detail helped to create a better tension.  The fight against the larger monsters didn’t last too long.  The Power Rangers got the Thunder Megazord and the White Tigerzord to fight against the monsters and were beginning to win when Alpha sent them back to the theater.  The sequence of the characters getting the Zords might have lasted longer than the actual fight.

One thing about season two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was that it always seemed to be moving forward.  The overall story was still bad guy sends monster to Earth and Power Rangers stop it, time and time again.  The difference was that the characters had grown and the show slowly brought about changes.  This story arc brought back Rita Repulsa, the main villain of the first season.  But there was another change, not quite as big, that came along with The Wedding.  The opening credits had a slight change to them.  Two names were changed.  John Bosch changed his name to Johnny Yong Bosch in the opening credits, and Steven Cardenas changed his name to Steve Cardenas.  This was important if only because the opening credit names were changed to the names that everyone now knows the actors as.

As for this specific episode, the second part of The Wedding, there wasn’t much that stood out as notable.  It was the story just playing out as a Power Rangers story does.  The only thing strange about it was how easily the Power Rangers escaped the theater the first time.  They went downstairs and found a tunnel from the basement to outside.  How was nobody guarding this obvious escape route?  One of the monsters surely should have been positioned to protect this exit.  It seemed a little too convenient, which isn’t saying too much, when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers frequently created devices that would do whatever needed to be done.

The Wedding has been an interesting arc, and it’s nearing its end.  There’s one more episode that will conclude the story.  How will the Power Rangers escape the theater the second time around?  What will turn Alpha 5 back to the good side?  Will Bulk and Skull escape the animals?  This will all be answered in The Wedding, Part III, coming soon.  I’ll see you then with another Mighty Morphin Power Rangers post.

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