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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 35: Scavenger Hunt

When we last left Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Aisha learned a lesson about teamwork.  As the new Angel Grove Student Fire Safety Chief, she took all of the pressure on her shoulders to ensure that the town was safe.  This became tough when a monster invaded the city and lit things on fire.  She found out that she couldn’t fight it on her own and needed the help of her friends.  Bulk and Skull, meanwhile, went looking for fires hoping that the Power Rangers would show up and reveal their identities.

Now there’s a new foe in store.  What will it be?  We’ll have to watch to find out.  It should be a fun episode, though, filled with challenges for the Power Rangers like we’ve not seen before.  Perhaps it will even involve a scavenger hunt.  We’ll see in…

Season 2, Episode 35: Scavenger Hunt
The Angel Grove Youth Center held a scavenger hunt for all of the local high schools.  The main gang split up into two groups to finish quicker.  Kimberly, Tommy, and Adam were one group while Billy, Rocky, and Aisha were the other.  Kimberly was super into the scavenger hunt.

Lord Zedd was into the scavenger hunt as well.  He decided to take one of the items that the teens had found, a miniature cannon, and turn it into a monster named Cannonhead.  It seems like the evil villain thing to do.  He sent Cannonhead down to Angel Grove to wreak havoc on the city while the teens were in the middle of hunting.

The whole time the battle between Lord Zedd and the Power Rangers was going on, Bulk and Skull were using a psychic to find the Power Rangers.  She seemed to have good powers.  The entire episode, the psychic was almost stumbling upon the real Power Rangers, only to have some sort of distraction or misdirection take her, Bulk, and Skull off of their tracks.  Those guys keep getting really close to figuring out who is under the helmets of Angel Grove’s favourite crime fighters.

There were two main fights in the episode, both of which were fun and had memorable moments.  The first was a fight in the park between some putties and Billy’s scavenger group.  Most of the fight was the simple kicks and flips you see in every episode, but what made it stand out was the bag that Billy was throwing around.  One particular moment had him throw it at a putty, kick the putty, sending the bag in the air, fight another, and catch the bag without looking.  It was good work on Yost’s part, and something that probably got overlooked by viewers.  The other fight was the monster and Zord fight.  The Power Blaster didn’t kill the monster, so they had to Zord up.  Tor showed up and disappeared.  They called for the Mega Thunderzord and got the Mega Tigerzord instead.  What made the fight better than normal was the ending.  The Mega Tigerzord and Red Dragon Thunderzord shook hands and both did cool poses for the camera.  It was a fun ending to a Zord battle.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has gotten off to a good start since the new characters were introduced.  Different traits for their characters have been brought in with each episode since The Power Transfer.  It has been nice getting to know the characters.  They have already made more of an impact than the characters they replaced.  Zack and Trini were never really fleshed out.  This episode showed that there was chemistry between the old actors and the new ones.  It’s strong enough that this team might rival the old one in terms of friendship.

Their friendship was showcased this episode with the scavenger hunt.  The group was split into two trios as they went to find the items.  It was the rapport that the actors had with one another during the scavenger hunt scenes that pushed the episode forward during the non-fighting scenes.  The chemistry of the friends pushed the episode to the weirdest moment.  At the end of the scavenger hunt, they poured their items on the judges’ table.  The judges moved about two things and in five seconds said that the winners were Angel Grove High.  How did the judges know that every item was there with a five second glance?  It seems like it would take a little more time.

The next episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers looks like an episode that will build the mythology of the show.  Bookala will make an appearance.  The character is only one episode, but it is an important episode because it will build out the Power Rangers universe.  It should be a good time.  Come back soon as The Great Bookala Escape is covered.

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