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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 2, Episode 12: Green No More, Part 1

The previous episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers saw the end of Tommy as the Green Ranger.  The Green Ranger will be no more.  He helped save the day one last time before getting a touching send-off song.  There was also a singing beetle named Guitardo tormenting the Power Rangers.  He got what was coming as Tommy and Kimberly stopped his mind controlling musical powers.

This episode is going to finish off the Green Ranger story.  We have arrived at the two episode Green No More story arc.  Tommy’s powers will fade to nothing and the Power Rangers team will be back down to five members.  I’m sure that Lord Zedd will be happy about the small victory.  I don’t know what to expect of the first half of the story, since my mind is completely set on the resolution.  This episode is bound to surprise me.  Let the story begin!

Season 2, Episode 12: Green No More, Part 1
There were two important parts to the high school storyline.  The first was the introduction of Zack’s cousin, Curtis.  The other was the introduction of a new team of bullies, an evil counterpart to the Power Rangers.  They were designed to look like Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Billy.  They’re real bullies, and not the bumbling kind like Bulk and Skull.  In fact, Bulk and Skull were scared of this new group.

Tommy was the big story in this episode.  After a bio-scan came back negative on his powers, Lord Zedd planned an attack to take what little Green Ranger powers were left.  He created a monster snail which attacked Angel Grove and took Tommy’s powers away.  Luckily, Tommy was given a heads up near the beginning of the episode.  A plain-clothed future version of himself told him to make sure he had his communicator.

Lord Zedd wanted Tommy’s powers to trap the Power Rangers in his Otherworld and use the new bully teens to create a team of Dark Rangers.  With these Dark Rangers, Lord Zedd would fill the world with evil and conquer Earth in the way that Rita Repulsa had wanted to for the entire first season.

One big fight was fought this episode.  When the snail monster attacked Angel Grove, it was already in its giant form.  The Power Rangers immediately got their Zords together and fought back.  There were some punches, some kicks, and it looked like the monster would win.  All of a sudden it disappeared to recharge its shell.  It soon kidnapped Tommy and took his powers, but that wasn’t much of a fight.  It was basically three hits and then the powers were taken.

The episode ended with Tommy hiding behind a rock as the snail monster tried to find and attack him.  There was a “To Be Continued…” because it was a Part 1 episode.

This episode will have a lasting effect on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  It’s the end of the Green Ranger.  Tommy is technically still part of their team as they try to stop Lord Zedd.  He’s the only one who isn’t trapped right now, but he’s also the one who doesn’t have any powers.  Without his powers, he won’t be able to help in future battles.  He doesn’t have the weaponry.  He has the martial arts skills to take down putties, but that’s it.  There is no more Dragonzord.  There is no more Green Ranger.  That’s a big change.

If you know anything about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, you know that a White Ranger is going to be introduced a few episodes down the line.  Episode 17 of the second season is called White Light, Part 1.  They’re setting the seeds for that episode right now.  The show is introducing characters who could possibly be the White Ranger.  They’re throwing red herrings into the mix to make the audience wonder who the White Ranger could be.  Richie is one of them.  He was introduced a few episodes ago as another teen in Angel Grove.  This episode saw the introduction of Curtis.  He has skills akin to Zack, which would make him a good Power Ranger.  Being over 20 years since these episodes aired, I know they aren’t the White Ranger.  It’s still nice to see the show building the mystery.  This is an improvement in writing over the very episodic first season.

It’s hard to say anything more about this episode since it’s only half of a story.  Next episode will be the conclusion of Green No More, and it should be interesting.  What will happen to Tommy?  What will the Dark Rangers do?  How will the Power Rangers defeat Lord Zedd?  That and more will be discussed in my next Mighty Morphin Power Rangers post as I delve into Green No More, Part 2.  I’ll see you soon with that post.

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