Friday, March 4, 2016

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Episode 60: An Oyster Stew

I finally made it, ladies and gentlemen.  This is the final episode of the premiere season of Power Rangers.  There is a lot to like about this milestone.  This is the end of the first step in watching and writing about the Power Rangers franchise.  Moving onto the next episode will signal my commitment to these posts.  And the show as a whole can only go up from here.

What do I expect to happen in this episode?  My biggest hope is that something will push the show forward.  There probably won’t be death or anything.  But maybe they defeat Rita Repulsa once and for all.  I know next season brings in Lord Zedd as the villain (until Rita returns and teams up with him).  Perhaps something will actually come of Tommy’s fading power coin.  The villain should be one of the toughest yet.  If all of this stuff happens, I will be happier than ever.  If some of it happens, I will still be happy.

So, for the last time in the first season, let’s get onto my summary of the episode.  This should be a good one.

Season 1, Episode 60: An Oyster Stew
Everyone was at the Angel Grove Youth Centre.  Tommy was working out.  Zack was spotting him.  Bulk and Skull were trying to play rock music.  Most importantly, Angela was there.  That reminded Zack that her birthday was coming up.  He agreed to a double date with Tommy and Kimberly for her birthday.

Rita sent a puttie disguised as a human to the park to sell Zack some pearl earrings.  Zack asked if they were stolen and was told a story about the man’s late wife.  He bought the earrings.

While the double date was happening, Billy, Jason, and Trini got into a fight with some putties at the park.  This fight signaled to Alpha and Zordon that the pearl earrings were able to render anyone close enough still as statues.  Zordon let Jason, Billy and Trini know.  They stopped fighting at some point that wasn’t shown.

A singing telegram arrived at the date.  It was Bulk and Skull.  They were terrible and ended up knocking a waiter with cake in his hands over.  The cake got all over Tommy and Zack’s pants, so they left to clean up.  Angela put on her earrings as Jason, Trini, and Billy show up, freezing all of the Power Rangers except for Zack and Tommy.

To break the spell, Tommy and Zack needed to lure the oyster monster onto land and destroy his pearl.  They headed off to do that.  The oyster monster popped up and shot Zack with acid.  Tommy gave Zack his shield, then jumped in the way as the monster shot more acid.  Zack punched the monster in the pearl and broke the spell.

Angela’s earrings disintegrated and everyone was freed from being frozen.  Angela wouldn’t forgive Zack for the earrings.  The Power Rangers went to fight the Oysterizer again.  They Zorded up and fought underwater.  It looked just like on land but with bubbles.  They called for Tommy’s help because the Dragonzord is better under water than the Megazord.

The Dragonzord knocked Oysterizer onto land.  They fought.  The Megazord came to help.  The Power Rangers won, and the Oysterizer died.

Zack tried one last time to woo Angela.  This time he went for the simple.  He got her flowers, and he sang while Bulk and Skull played their instruments.  Zack got the girl.  Season over.

None of the things that I wanted to happen actually happened.  Tommy still hasn’t had any consequences from the power coin.  The episode was standalone. Rita Repulsa seemed to still be in charge.  That was an anticlimactic finale.  It could have been any episode in the season.

This has been a fun run through a season of television that I hadn’t watched since childhood.  This show is almost as old as me.  It premiered when I was three.  I’ve grown up with this show in my life, though I haven’t watched it in nearly twenty years.  It influenced me in ways that are difficult to describe.  The rewatch has let me understand how this show helped to make me into who I am.

I’ll be back soon with a new post.  I’m going to change the format of these posts to try and bring more life to them.  Before I debut that (hopefully within the next two weeks), I’m going to come back to you next week with a post about my thoughts on the first season.  You will probably know what I’m going to say, since you’ve seen my posts.  It’ll be nice to get my overall thoughts in one place.  I’ll see you next week for that. 

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